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We are excited to announce that Jody Connors will be covering during Rev. Julia Kimmett's sabbatical leave!

Jody brings a wealth of experience to this role.  She is full-time registered nurse who also attended the  VANCOUVER SCHOOL OF THEOLOGY from 1995-2002 completing a Diploma in Christian Studies and partially completing a Masters of Divinity.

Jody has been the Chair of the Okotoks United Church Worship Committee over the past 3 years and has led both the De Winton and Okotoks congregations in worship from time to time.

Jody will work on a flexible, part-time basis from April-August 2018 to assist with administrative tasks relating to ministry and occasionally leading worship for the 19 weeks that Rev. Julia will be on sabbatical.  Other worship services will be led by pulpit supply and lay leaders.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact Sally Salter, Chair of Ministry and Personnel, or Bev Carlson, Chair of the Governing Board.