Psalm 121 & Matthew 13:1-9, 18-23

Rev. Marilyn Evans joins us this morning to offer this reflection from the book of Matthew.

Marilyn Evans first came to our church as a supply minister in 1989.  A few months later she was called to be our minister.  During the years that Marilyn was our Minister things were a bit different than they are today.  Of course, we were still worshiping in the original church building.  The age and size of the church were creating many challenges for ministry.  Consider that there were between 50-100 children registered for Sunday School.  At different times the Sunday School was hosted in the Masonic Hall and the Okotoks Public Library since there wasn’t enough room in the church basement.  Apparently, Marilyn had to go outside to change her mind since her office was so small. The church purchased the house next door in 1992 and dedicated it in a special service in Feb. 1993.  They called it the United Church House.  This building created much needed office and teaching space.  In 1997 the church began to offer Jacket Racket to help provide winter clothing to those in need. This is an ongoing ministry of OUC.   In 1998 we held our first Easter Sunrise service at the Big Rock.  This has become a special annual tradition for our congregation. Marilyn was with us until 2000 when she left to pursue a career as a hospital chaplin.